Each visit includes consultation, history, examination and chiropractic adjustment.


New Patient Special of $89 for 4 visits...If you like me, like my office And Like the adjustments...you can stay...We Promise!

New Patient                              $39 First Visit, Exam, Consultation And First Adjustment.

Single Visit                                $40 Per Visit if regular monthly visits, $50 or $60 if once/twice year.

Membership (4 Visits)               $69/mo.($17.25 each)

VIP Membership (8 Plus Visits) $119/mo 

5 Visit Adjustment Package      $250 ($50 each)

10 Visit Adjustment Package    $400 ($40 each)

20 Visit Adjustment Package    $600 ($30 each)

Professional Fees:  Our cash fees are the most affordable in the O.C. Most of our clients wish to get adjusted regularly for one low monthly fee. 


Become A Member:

We are always welcoming new members.

$69 A Month For 4 Adjustments Per Month!

  • Up to 4 visits per month
  • Visits do not roll over month to month
  • 6 month minimum commitment required.
  • $20 for additional visits on membership plan.
  • $150 early termination fee.
  • Add a 2nd Person onto your plan for $40 a month.
  • Monthly Auto Debit Required either check or credit card.


Get adjusted weekly with our $69 a Month plan and any additional visits are only $20 each!


We also have a $35 a month for 1 adjustment per month.


Unlimited Chiropractic Visits Available

Unlimited Care Plans:

1 month  unlimited     $250 per month

3 months unlimited    $200 per month

6 months unlimited    $150 per month

12 months unlimited  $99 to $119 per month