Meet the Doctor


Dr. Yamamoto has been helping people live pain free for the last 20 years in his office at 8481 Heil Ave Suite C  Huntington Beach, CA 92683. As a chiropractor with extensive experience he is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free.

Dr. Yamamoto has been a licensed Chiropractor since 1995. Dr. Yamamoto is a National Speaker on Chiropractic and speaks regularly all over the U.S. at Chiropractic Seminars to inspire, teach and motivate chiropractors to be their very best.

Dr. Yamamoto also in addition to his full time chiropractic practice, also teaches, mentors and coaches other chiropractors all over the U.S.,Canada, Australia, Israel, Spain, Mexico to name just a few.

Dr. Yamamoto Teaches every month Chiropractic Re-licensing seminars for chiropractors in California to get their mandatory 24 hours of chiropractic re-licensing that is required yearly of all chiropractic doctors.

Dr. Yamamoto is also an examiner for the California State Board of Chiropractic in that he is one of several chiropractors who test for Part 4 of the National Board of Chiropractic when new chiropractors usually right out of chiropractic college are seeking to get licensed. 

"So, you get to get adjusted by the chiropractor who teaches all other chiropractors the "How To" on adjusting, diagnosing and correcting the problem".


  • Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA
  • Clinic Excellence Awarded for Adjusting Proficiency And Skill
  • University Of Nevada, Las Vegas B.S. Business Administration

Associations & Memberships

         * International Chiropractic Association

         * California Chiropractic Association

         * Christian Chiropractic Association

         * Cottonwood Church, Los Alamitos, CA 



Because, I don't have staff or employees, I have a much lower overhead and because I save money on overhead, I pass on those savings to my practice members and patients.  Because I make getting chiropractic easy, affordable and quick, My office is now the ideal practice model for chiropractic offices all over the U.S. and the world. I've helped hundreds of chiropractors to achieve practice success while taking care of patients and making that a top priority. My philosophy is that God takes care of me, and I take care of God's people.

Remember, you never need an appointment to see me and you can come in any time that you want during my regular office hours. Should you need a special appointment time because of work or school commitments, no problem. New patients are always WELCOMED and you can schedule your first appointment here in the office right from this website, at the top tab "Patients" and then you'll see the "Request Appointment" Tab where you can easily request a particular time or day. I'll either email you back or call you directly to confirm the appointment.