The Inside Story... Real Truth About Chiropractic Dr. Phil Yamamoto reveals hidden Secrets in the chiropractic profession that chiropractors don't want you to know. My Office serves the people who live in Orange County, CA specifically the people who live in Huntington Beach, CA, Westminster, CA, And Fountain Valley, CA. The problem with chiropractors is that too many chiropractors make getting chiropractic care expensive, time consuming and laborious. I don't. In fact, I'm the guy who started the practice of charging a lower monthly fee to see more people. I'd rather see more people for lower fees than higher fees for fewer people. The problem with Chiropractic is that we are the best kept secret in health care. The real power of Chiropractic is not in just getting adjusted once or twice whenever you are in pain, but rather, getting adjusted regularly even if you have "No Symptoms"? Why? Because if you have a strong nervous system, you have a strong immune system. The Immune System is the end organ of the nervous system. What most chiropractors charge for one or two visits for one person for one time for one adjustment, you could come to my office for an entire month and bring your family too! The other thing that I pride myself on, is that I'm a chiropractor's chiropractor. I adjust more chiropractors than most chiropractors do in a lifetime. Don't wait till you are in a 911 situation to discover the Power Of Chiropractic. Thanks.. PHIL:) en-us NYK RSS Feeder Why Chiropractors Play Medical Doctor Tue, 12 Feb 2013 22:02:12 -0500<p> Most Chiropractors today have gone to a chiropractic school and have received a medical school education but the one thing that chiropractors need to know, they don&#39;t teach today. WELCOME TO MY BLOG... MORE TO FOLLOW</p>