Huntington Beach CA Westminster CA And Fountain Valley CA has a new Chiropractor in town... I've been in chiropractic practice for 15 years and over the years, in seeing patients, it seems that most of the new patients who have come to my office have one thing in common at least for the people who have visited other chiropractors before me, is that most of these people have "never" been adjusted. I don't see how it's possible that people can go to chiropractors sometimes years, and never have been adjusted. Ever? The problem is that most of the chiropractors today are afraid of adjusting people or they lack the technical skills to perform an adequate adjustment. In my office I make chiropractic very, very easy and affordable for anyone who wants to get adjusted. I make my office easy for people. My office is like Burger King, have it your way. You want no pickle , no onion, No problem. If you are afraid to get adjusted or are afraid of getting your neck adjusted, I understand, I've been there myself at one time. Chiropractic is very, very safe and it's crazy that people are afraid of getting adjusted. I've been in practice a very long time and I know a lot of chiropracors both in California and out and most of the chiropractors I know are caring, loving people. If you're tired of being sick and tired and maybe you've been told that it's all in your head, then call me. I can help you. Thanks.. PHIL:) en-us NYK RSS Feeder